Our customer has purchased our SPE Cases for a very unique application – he’s using our cases to make a prototype unit which sprays water jets at their horse when it kicks the stable door.

We don’t have pictures of the ready-made prototype in action, however, our customer did send us these pictures of how it will look from the inside and the outside. It’s a great way of using our Sealed ABS Plastic Enclosures and its fair to say this is a unique way of utilizing them. Great idea!

For more information about our Cases & Enclosures, please visit our website or contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926.

Picked by our dedicated Technical Product Specialists – Our new collection of staff picks have been collated and has been published.

In our latest Allendale Hotlist, it includes the most popular and the newest products from each of our Allendale stores. This essential publication was made for professionals and beginners who are looking for supplies, such as electronic & mechanical engineering tools, communications components, arts & crafts enthusiasts, equipment cases, technical metrology tools and lots more.

Our unique collection of products provides you with customer value and ease of purchase, all in one place, backed by superior customer support and service. Available to download now or copies available upon request by contacting us on 01992 450 780 or sales@allendale-group.co.uk.

As part of Yiannimize’s Wrap Attack episodes, we send Yianni and his team one of our Pink Vanity Cases to wrap in the colour of their choice, which was Matte Military Green.

Wrap Attack is a series of videos of a Yiannimize team wrapping different items sent into them or requested from fans.

Watch how they got on as they wrapped our case in this episode of Wrap Attack: https://rebrand.ly/6e458
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