There’s a new team on the grid – Huge news coming from the Allendale Group as we reveal the exciting news that we will be the 11th F1 team and will be debuting our new Formula 1 Race Car in Shanghai, China.

The official launch of our new F1 car will be on the first Monday of April (April 1st 2019) and it’s going to be a special moment as we reveal the new team livery as well as how we build the car.

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High-value items need to be protected at all costs, which is why a customer of ours has opted for our cases, as well as custom CNC foam inserts for their accessories to slot in securely.

This particular customer requested custom CNC foam inserts for his Telescope accessories & equipment to fit into his two new aluminium flight cases (Part No: EN-AC-FG-A022 & EN-AC-FG-C403) for extra protection which allows the items to safely fit in perfectly and avoid any contents crashing about when transporting. For high-value items like these, it’s extremely important for the items to be kept safe, whilst being easy to move from place to place. The perfect way to store your telescope accessories and equipment, in a presentable way like our customer has done.

Our customer saw the benefits, and if you do too and would like more information about our cases, please contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926 or visit our website.

We’ve had a very busy day at our Warehouse as we prepare to send out 11 pallets of ROC Flight Cases for an order placed by one of our reseller customers.

It’s great to see so many of our Flight Cases leaving the warehouse at one time and if you’re a reseller of our cases, you can benefit from our reseller pricing structure. For more information on our reseller pricing, please contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926 / or visit our website by clicking here.
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