We had some exciting news this week as our Operations Manager, Jo Kuhn (now Jo Shepherd), got married and has tied the knot!

From everyone at the Allendale Group, a huge congratulations to Jo and Jonny. We hope you live happily ever after and enjoyed your very special day.

We have started to roll out our new ROC Case tags which will feature on all of our Aluminium Flight Cases. But do you know how ROC Cases got its name?

Our ROC Cases were named after a mythical giant gird that was so strong, it could pick up and carry off elephants. Our Flight Cases are durable and can be used in many different applications, such as carrying tools, display cases, storing large/small items and lots more. Browse our full range of ROC Cases by clicking here.

Our customer has purchased our SPE Cases for a very unique application – he’s using our cases to make a prototype unit which sprays water jets at their horse when it kicks the stable door.

We don’t have pictures of the ready-made prototype in action, however, our customer did send us these pictures of how it will look from the inside and the outside. It’s a great way of using our Sealed ABS Plastic Enclosures and its fair to say this is a unique way of utilizing them. Great idea!

For more information about our Cases & Enclosures, please visit our website or contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926.
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