Flight Cases by Industry

  1. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A003
    £7.66 ( £6.38 Ex. VAT)

    Clear Plastic Storage Case - 200x140x140mm

  2. Part No:EN-AC-FC-B086-BK
    £19.21 ( £16.01 Ex. VAT)

    Black Toolbox, Fishing Tackle Case with Fold Out Trays 360 x 270 x 215mm - Designed to be a reliable, robust toolbox ideal for storing and transporting small tools, Slot Cars and more. The case is also ideal as a fishing tackle/ bait box.

  3. Part No:EN-AC-BY-13450C
    £26.44 ( £22.03 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Laptop and Test Equipment Flight Case - 440x155x320mm

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