Foam Blocks and Egg Foam Sheets

Our range of Solid Foam Blocks, Egg Foam Inserts and Pick 'N' Pluck Cubed Foam Blocks offer a wide range of durable protection options.

Keep your items protected on the go with Cases and Enclosures Foam Blocks.

We will soon be offering a Custom CNC Foam Cutting Service - if you have specific requirements be sure to get in contact with us to see how we can help you achieve more.

Foam Blocks and Egg Foam Sheets

  1. Part No:EN-AC-RB-340-FOAM-CB
    £4.34 ( £3.62 Ex. VAT)

    Cubed Foam Block 320 x 220 x 70mm Insert For EN-AC-RB-340 Flight Case
  2. Part No:EN-AC-FC-A501-FB-10
    £2.10 ( £1.75 Ex. VAT)

    Solid Foam Sheet 440mm x 310mm x 10mm Insert For EN-AC-FC-A501 and EN-AC-FC-A022
  3. Part No:EN-AC-FC-A501-FB
    Special Price £5.00 ( £4.17 Ex. VAT) Regular Price: £5.54

    2 Piece Solid Foam Block 440 x 310 x 90mm Insert For EN-AC-FC-A501 Flight Case
  4. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A019-FOAM
    £4.51 ( £3.76 Ex. VAT)

    Solid Foam Block 450 x 325 x 60mm Insert For EN-AC-FG-A019 Flight Case
  5. Part No:EN-AC-QU-DJI3-FOAM-CB
    £12.91 ( £10.76 Ex. VAT)

    2 pieces of cubed foam blocks for the EN-AC-QU-DJI3 quadcopter flight case. Dimensions for foam blocks are L: 575 x W: 350 x D: 90mm for each block.
  6. Part No:EN-AC-FG-BC47-FOAM-CB
    £7.01 ( £5.84 Ex. VAT)

    Cubed Foam Block 550 x 360 x 120mm Insert For EN-AC-FG-BC47 Flight Case
    £9.98 ( £8.32 Ex. VAT)

    2 pieces of solid foam blocks for the EN-AC-QU-TBS-DIS quadcopter flight case. Dimensions for foam blocks are L: 510 x W: 395 x D: 60mm for each block.
  8. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C401-FOAM
    £5.00 ( £4.17 Ex. VAT)

    Solid foam blocks for EN-AC-FG-C401 - Two Solid foam layers for cutting and customising to fit desired shapes and sizes.
    £26.86 ( £22.38 Ex. VAT)

    Specifically designed foam inserts to store a TBS Discovery Quadcopter and equipment.

  10. Part No:EN-AC-FH-F-3-15
    £12.90 ( £10.75 Ex. VAT)

    Egg Box Foam Sheet - 1.5m x 1m x 3cm
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