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Foam Blocks & Egg Foam Sheets

Our range of Solid Foam Blocks, Egg Foam Inserts and Pick 'N' Pluck Cubed Foam Blocks offer a wide range of durable protection options.

Keep your items protected on the go with Cases and Enclosures Foam Blocks.

We will soon be offering a Custom CNC Foam Cutting Service - if you have specific requirements be sure to get in contact with us to see how we can help you achieve more.

Foam Blocks & Egg Foam Sheets

  1. Thick Egg Foam Lid Sheet 305x250x33mm for the EN-AC-HD-230 Case
    Part No:EN-AC-HD-230-LID-TH
    £2.89 ( £2.41 Ex. VAT)
    Egg foam lid for the EN-AC-HD-230 case to prevent damage to items stored inside the case
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