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  1. May 20, 2021

    ROC Cases at the Silverstone circuit for the F3 Cup

    Our ROC Cases logo showcased in the F3 Cup Championship, featuring on the wing mirrors of the University of Wolverhampton team’s racing car.
    The university’s racing team competed in the championship at the Silverstone circuit for three rounds last weekend. We have been proud sponsors of the student team since 2019 and were thrilled to see their latest design for the car in this year’s race.
    In 2016, the team debuted in the F3 Cup and triumphed, finishing second place. The racers are students from the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Engineering, and the invaluable experience offers to build their skills and knowledge.  
    The F3 cup is the fastest single-seater championship in the UK, and the UWR team are the only university to be competing in this season.
    Read more about the F3 Cup here, or
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  2. May 14, 2021

    The perfect case for engineers, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts

    It's heavy duty frame, handle and storage compartments make the D001 case perfect for engineers, as well as electricians, technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

    The case doesn't just offer quality protection and storage, but a sleek and polished design too. ⠀

    Part no. ⠀

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  3. May 07, 2021

    Checkout with our new Google Pay feature

    We have now integrated Google Pay into our checkout, allowing for a quick and secure payment option on our site.


    The digital wallet payment method will now appear on our checkout page on Android phones, tablets, and watches on any browser.


    With this new addition as well as Apple Pay, we are making our customer’s online experience as smooth as possible.


    Happy shopping!


    For more information on Google Pay click here.

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  4. April 26, 2021

    BBC's game show 'Chase the (ROC) Case'

    A throwback to when our C203 case featured on BBC’s game show ‘Chase the Case’.

    The contestants all had briefcases containing prizes and traded general knowledge to compete for the case with the biggest prize! ⠀ ⠀


    Part no. EN-AC-FG-C203

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  5. April 19, 2021

    The Allendale Group reached its 18th Birthday on Friday!

    We are proud to announce that our team has supplied products to loyal customers for the last 18 years.
    Our customer base has grown beyond our expectations since 2003, and so has our business.
    We now have 12 separate e-commerce stores that deliver to customers in over 165 countries and our own manufacturing and distribution facility in China.
    Thank you to our customers for your continued support, and of course to our amazing staff who have kept working hard throughout this last year.
    Many more exciting plans to come!
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  6. April 19, 2021

    A custom case interior created using our cubed foam blocks

    An excellent example of what you can do with our cubed foam blocks.

    Our customer has created the perfect storage solution for his items. By removing sections of the pre-scored foam you can create specific compartments to keep your valuables safe.

    The A019 Blue and Silver Case offers a professional look - egg foam lid insert and cubed foam sold separately.

    Part no. EN-AC-FG-A019

    For more information please see our website listing here or contact one of our product specialists.

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  7. April 09, 2021

    Reinforced metal corners to keep your valuables safe

    Keep your valuables safe with reinforced metal corners on our ROC Flight Cases.

    The feature offers extra protection against damage to your flight case and contents.

    Ideal for items such as electrical goods or tools that may suffer from shock damage when transported.

    Available on selected ROC Flight Cases.


    For more information please see our website listings here or contact one of our product specialists.

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  8. April 02, 2021

    Injury recovery kits with ROC cases

    Our popular A009 Case has been turned into an injury recovery kit with the addition of a CNC foam insert.

    The Silver case gives a professional look to this kit, the precise cut-outs providing a neat layout.


    For more infortmation please view our website listing here or contact one of our product specialists.

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  9. March 24, 2021

    Football awards trophy stored using CNC foam

    CNC foam designed and cut for a football awards trophy.

    The accurate cut-outs create a professional and attractive look for the prized possession, whilst ensuring the contents are safe from any damage.

    The trophy and wooden base can be stored neatly side by side in this protective, high density foam.


    For more information please click here or contact one of our product specialists.

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  10. March 12, 2021

    Store your Beauticians and Salon equipment using CNC foam

    This CNC Foam was designed to specifically store Beauticians and Salon equipment.

    Individual compartments are cut to provide a secure and tidy storage solution, keeping the valuables safe when transported.

    Our C402 Flight Case’s long shape is ideal for holding the equipment and accessories.


    Part no. EN-AC-FG-C402


    For more information please see our website listing here or contact one of our product specialists.


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