Egelo Magic

Magicians and Illusionists have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years and they continue to be one of the best forms of entertainment amongst everyone to this very day. But with all great Magicians, they must have mind-bending tricks and the highest quality tools/equipment to help them with their performances.

Luckily, our Aluminium Flight Cases and Foam Inserts have been a hit amongst the magician community, with our Flight Cases flying off the shelves (quite literally!). We have taken a large order for a particular Magician in Norway for our Flight Cases and Foam Inserts, which shows that our Flight Cases are helping people across the world, not only for Magicians/Illusionists, but for people in all kinds of industries.

Our Flight Cases and Foam Inserts from Cases and Enclosures are robust, easy to carry and with the introduction of our new CNC Foam Cutting Service, they are completely customisable to your specification. For more information about our range of Cases, Enclosures, Foam Inserts and Spare Parts, please visit or contact us today.