It can be a stressful journey when you’re travelling with your gun to a shooting holiday for example, with the various legal requirements and strict airline rules that you have to abide to. If you have already travelled with your legalised gun in the past, we’re sure you have many stories to tell of the difficulty and inefficiency of the whole journey.

Although, when you’re travelling with your shotgun/rifle, you may have enjoyed the odd hassle-free occasion when you’ve encountered knowledgeable airport security staff that understand the difficulties that you may have faced in the past. It’s always helpful to understand the laws that come with travelling with a gun, such as fundamental international and national legal requirements, individual airlines and airports that may have their own rules and guidelines. With any international flight, it’s worth checking out the Transport Security Administration (TSA) rules as well.

The key to a stress-free flight while travelling with your shotgun/rifle is preparation, for example, making sure you have all your documents proving the firearms are for legal use. Although there are lots of different airline policies on travelling with your gun, all the information usually all available on their website but it doesn’t hurt to notify the airline before you fly, just in case. We also suggest you allow extra time at check-in because security staff either have to be specially assigned or there may be a delay with the relevant staff to do the checks on your cases.

The next important thing is having the right case to protect your valuable guns during transportation. It should be hard-shelled and lockable so no one can get into the case easily. We don’t recommend leather cases as these are not as durable as hard-shell cases and is more likely for the case and its content to get damaged during the flight or baggage handling. Our range of modern aluminium ROC Flight Cases will, therefore, be lightweight and will be robust enough to protect your gun. Foam Blocks, Custom CNC Foam and Accessories are also available for added protection.

Two great examples of cost-effective cases that can be used for guns is the ROC Cases Rifle/Shotgun Case (recommended by and also our range of IP67 & IK08 Hurricane Cases. For more information about finding the best case for your gun, please contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926 or visit our website.