With thanks to one of our customers for sharing, the image below shows how 60 yo-yo's can be securely stored and easily transported using our 350QX Quadcopter Case, from our extensive Aluminium Case range. Our Quadcopter cases are offered with cubed or solid foam for you to adapt, in place of the pre-cut model, and our ingenious customer in this case (excuse the pun!) has replaced the pre-cut foam with one of our solid layered blocks, bespokely cutting out the shapes required. The "Museum of Yo-Yo History" says this simple but endearing toy originated in Greece back in 500BC; we're pretty confident they weren't so comfortably stored and transported in those days!

If you wish to order one of our cases, or any cubed or solid foam inserts, please call Jo, our Cases Product Specialist, on 01992 455939 or directly Email her at: jo@cases-and-enclosures.co.uk.

If you have a photo you'd be willing for us to share, to showcase how you've adapted or used one of our products, please send it to photos@allendale-group.co.uk.