Aluminium Flight Cases

Our range of Aluminium Flight Cases offer a wide range of durable storage options. Whether you require a large or small lightweight case, we have one to suit any requirement. Keep your items protected on the go with Cases and Enclosures

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Aluminium Flight Cases

  1. Part No:EN-AC-RB-220
    £15.56 ( £12.97 Ex. VAT)

    Silver Aluminium Flight Case with pre-cubed foam and padlock loops.
  2. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A036-PK3
    £21.94 ( £18.28 Ex. VAT)

    Pack of 3 Alu Case (Silver)- 280 x 225 x 65mm with Foam Lining
  3. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C203-PK3
    £45.79 ( £38.16 Ex. VAT)

    Pack of 3 Aluminium Flight Case (400x240x125mm)
  4. Part No:EN-AC-FY-A012
    £10.25 ( £8.54 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Flight Case (250x200x125mm)
  5. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C106
    £14.23 ( £11.86 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Flight Case Clear Top (270x220x70mm)
  6. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A036
    £8.12 ( £6.77 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Flight Case (280x225x65mm)
  7. Part No:EN-AC-FG-A009
    £13.02 ( £10.85 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Flight Case (310x240x130mm)
  8. Part No:EN-AC-FC-B082-SL
    £19.06 ( £15.88 Ex. VAT)

    Silver Make-up, Beauty Case with Fold Out Trays (310 x 270 x 210mm)

    Designed to be a reliable, robust make-up box, ideal for storing all manner of nail, hair and beauty products

  9. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C203
    £16.97 ( £14.14 Ex. VAT)

    Aluminium Flight Case (400x240x125mm)
  10. Part No:EN-AC-FG-C408
    £25.48 ( £21.23 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Expected Arrival Date 10 July 2019

    Silver Aluminium Flight Case (450x310x240mm)
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